Friday, November 6, 2009

Yesterday, TV news was all about the Fork - Saturday it's the LA Times and Radio

Well, we have seen a lot of coverage on the TV news stations about the Fork and who did it, why they did it, where they did it, how they did it, and finally can they do that?

Since the answer to the last quesion is undoubtedly, yes they CAN, the saga continues and looking to the future the BIG QUESTION is can it last. 

Tomorrow, we may learn something new about that - The LA Times will be running an article about the fork and I was told they talked to the Mayor of Pasadena, and he said that he was in favor of the fork. 

And John Rabe of Off Ramp will have an interview with Pasadena's Mayor Bognard on his radio show tomorrow, where he states he is in favor of the fork and will fight to ensure its survival. 

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