Friday, February 12, 2010

Remember to Visit The Fork on Valentine's Day, even though Roses and Hugs will NOT HAPPEN

Sorry, there has been a change in plans, there will be no roses or hugs at The Fork In The Road on Valentine's day.  The City of Pasadena will not allow The Fork In The Road Gang to stage their Valentine's day event.  Party poopers in Pasadena seem to think that it might cause traffic issues. 

You can still go and visit the fork, kiss it, picture it, you know - have some fun. 

Now you know why us Altadenans look down our elevated noses at the bureaucratic Pasadena quagmire.  It is not just the altitude, it is the attitude. 

Look to The Fork In The Road Gang to work to enliven life.  Come visit us in our home planet, The Coffee Gallery, and The Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena.

Enough Said.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pasadena Star News Sees Hearts at The Fork In The Road, Will Flowers Ensue?

The Pasadena Star News published an article about The Fork In The Road and its new heart headress.  But what they don't know is that Flowers follow Hearts as inevitably as rain runs to the sea.  The article can be seen HERE

Soon, there will be details about a new Fork Event for Valentine's Day.  I am sure that those folks at The Coffee Gallery Backstage also know as The Fork In The Road Gang have too much time on their hands.  Stay tuned for updates.

The Great Fork In the Road is Coming Up Roses for Valentine's Day

Your heard right - come one, come all to the Great Fork In The Road on Valentine's Day because we are giving out roses to the first 300 ladies to arrive after 10AM on the appointed day.  There will be members of The Fork In The Road Gang handing out the roses, along with kisses and hugs. 

Get your picture taken with roses and a member of The Fork In The Road Gang, who will ply you with stories of the amazing wonders of  the fork and our home, The Coffee Gallery  and The Coffee Gallery Backstage in that quirky little not-really-a-city of Altadena.  Silly stuff is on the table.  Please partake. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Great Fork In The Road gets dressed for Valentine's Day!

All of you who are forkers or forkettes (fans of The Original Great Fork In The Road, of course), listen up real good.  The Great Fork In The Road, located in Pasadena and the "Fork In The Road Gang", located at The Coffee Gallery in Altadena are presenting their latest Forking Event.  

For Valentine's Day, not only will The Fork be dressed in hearts (see photo), but she will be the site of much love and appreciation.  What love and appreciation?  I have only been given hints from the leaders of the gang. 

The Grand Forkster himself, Bob Stane had this to say:

"Things are being planned.  There will be roses in our futures.  There will be music and love and romantic  guys with long hair, guitars and frilly white shirts.  Good taste will be abandoned
for another day as ladies will be romanced with flowers and music.  And Golden Hugs.

"There will be photo ops and silly stuff and thou shalt be pleased.  And The Coffee Gallery Backstage will, again, brighten all of our lives with wit, humor and imagination.  Oh, what is The Fork In The Road Gang going to do next?  Will the voice of Cupid ring forth in our town by the mysterious  coffee mountains?

"The fork is out there and waiting if you want you do your own photography.  But this is just a tease for what will happen on Valentine's Day.  But "teases are good."  Something like foreplay.  Oh, Bob, now you're talking.  M-m-m-m-m.  Folks will be driving by and anticipating what is about to happen. Laughter will echo from the hills. Will the build-up be equal to the actual event (an all day bash, no less)?"

Well, Bob does get carried away a bit. And yes, he even sometimes refers to himself in the first person when he writes.  But he has much to contemplate and atone for.
So keep your eye on the fork, come on down and take pictures at the foot of this monumental utensil under the spreading hearts, and there may be flowers in your future.   Or other things.