Monday, November 9, 2009

What A Weekend for the Fork, Bob Stane, and The Coffee Gallery Backstage!

I was just informed this evening by Larry Wines, mavin of  Acoustic Americana Radio, that Bob Stane, the recipient of the "Fork in the Road" birthday present, knocked them dead this weekend at the Far West Folk Alliance Conference.  Both Larry and other participants told me that Bob was absolutely hilarious, and left everyone rolling in the aisles.  When I asked Larry if anyone had a video of his speech (this being the YouTube era), I was informed that the session was being streamed live during the conference only.  I am curious if anyone might have saved this and could make this available on the web.  (I was just informed Tuesday night by the person in charge of Photography at the Conference, that she will provide the necessary link soon - so stay tuned).

Now, since I didn't get to go to the conference,  I was spending the evening at Bob's usual home, The Coffee Gallery Backstage both Friday and Saturday evenings, where it was just a usual night of amazing entertainment in an intimate setting.

Friday brought Jim Kweskin, the man that made Jug Bands cool in the 60's, and while he no longer has a jug band, he brought a large bunch of stellar musicians, and performed new pieces as well as old Jug Band favorites in new ways.   It was wonderful for me to be able to see this charming performer whose material harkens back to the early jazz and blues years from the earliest times of recorded music. 

Saturday's entertainment was Berkley Hart, a melodious duo performing self-penned songs both humorous (How can you resist the Big Bad Barbie Doll?) and profound (Barrel of Rain).  They remind you of the reason we go out to see live music in the first place.  I think audiences want to come together, hoping for a profound experience.  There is never a guarantee that you will find this transcendence  at any particular time or place, but I will say that for an amazing variety of people, The Coffee Gallery Backstage seldom misses.

This is a reminder of why Bob Stane plies his trade, weaving a fabric of unique great music and entertainment.  This live experience cannot be bottled.  Even if you get an idea about what an act looks and sounds like from YouTube, that is much like looking under the flap of the circus tent, seeing the elephants feet and thinking you have seen the circus.

After having said that, I hope to have a few of these performances up on YouTube before the week is over.  Then you might suspect that you missed something great.

So, if you like the Fork, help sustain yourself and the man the fork was built for - take a look at the offerings at The Coffee Gallery Backstage.

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