Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yes, dear, there is a lot of interest in this fork

Well, the story seems to have broken all over town, that a giant 18 foot tall sculpture of a fork has impaled itself at a fork in the road in Pasadena.  Was this the result of an alien resting his fork in the middle of a meal?  Something that fell out of a passing plane?  Broken signage for one of the many Pasadena Restaurants?

Wrong on all counts.  This was a surprise birthday present.  A gift to an icon of Pasadena (and Altadena) culture, Bob Stane that also turned into an surprise unbirthday present to the City of Pasadena.

We will be keeping you up to date on what is happening with this icon-to-be and provide links to whatever we find anyone else is posting about it.   And of course, we will try to separate truth from fiction.  I have realized that even the participants haven't talked to each other about every little detail, and disremembering is rampant among professional and amateur alike.

I would like to take this time to recognize John Rabe's blog who posted this information before the big media folks got a hold of it. 


Now the first thing you may be wondering is - who is Bob Stane, what has he done to deserve such an unusual present, and of course - how old is he.  To answer the last question first, he turned 75 last week.  And he is the originator (though not the present owner) of The Ice House in Pasadena.  He built it up back in the day of beatniks, folk music, and of course, humor.  Back in those days, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Steve Martin, and Robin Williams, played there, and as for the musical acts, they were the giants of the era. And what is even more important at one point in time, he had the ONLY WORKING ESPRESSO MACHINE IN PASADENA.  He beat Starbucks to Pasadena, by over 20 years.  This is truly a man ahead of his time.  

Of course, just because Bob is no longer the owner of The Ice House doesn't mean that he has lost his appreciation of wacky things, and he still is partners in The Coffee Gallery Backstage, just up the road in Altadena, where he showcases the best of today's acoustic music, in an intimate, laid back venue.

The plan here is to be the "go to" site to go to when you want to know anything about the fork in the road.  And of course, we welcome your input about what we should do with it, to it, and around it.

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