Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hats off to Ken Marshall and the Fork In The Road Gang

During much of the time that the fork has been up - almost 2 whole weeks - the actual leader of the Fork In The Road Gang has been laying low.  Part of the reason is that when they first put it up, there was some fear of potential arrest of the perpetrators, and of course the leader of the group didn't really want to wind up in the slammer or at the receiving end of litigation for this guerrilla art installation. 

However, this concern was balanced by the desire to make sure nobody else took credit for the fork and the hope that a high profile and public enthusiasm for the fork would result it becoming an important part of Pasadena's cultural footprint.  Plus, he was interviewed by various media outlets, so the cat is really out of the bag anyway.

So, with much ballyhoo, those of us who appreciate the fork want to thank Ken Marshall, sometime partner with Bob Stane (the quirky birthday boy) at The Coffee Gallery Backstage for building and installing this off-the-wall giant eating utensil, and amazing us all.

The really amazing part is that he didn't do this all by himself - any wacko could do that.  He inspired a whole cadre of people to aid and abet his project, and managed to build  flexibility into the team that could deal with life's little missteps.  This proved to be essential  when real Cal Trans workers were at the fork site at an inconvenient time (when the Fork Gang had planned on pouring the concrete). The team in their fake Cal Trans Halloween costumes adjusted their schedules to wait until "the coast was clear", and didn't finish until after dark.

So thanks Ken and the Gang, for a wild ride.

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  1. I think it's great and should stay! I also want to tell Ken that there is a program called adopt-a-median that allows artists to put up art like this in L. A. and either way I hope THE FORK inspires more artist to share there art in public. As an artist who does similar projects I want to know how THE FORK got so much press, It's all over. Congrats and happy birthday to Bob.