Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fork Partied Hearty - says he will Rise Again on October 21st, 11AM - be there

First of all, on Saturday the 15th of October, the giant fork was feted like the giant utensil that could, and even had the Mayor of Pasadena ride on its back.

So even the powers that be in Pasadena love the fork - brought to you by the "Fork in the Road Gang" of Altadena.  Just remember that the home in the heart of this wacky bunch is actually The Coffee Gallery and The Coffee Gallery Backstage in  Altadena.  2029 N. Lake Ave. Come visit us IF YOU DARE.

The fork will be restored to its greater glory at "Fork Plaza" where Bellfontaine, Pasadena Avenue and St. John Avenue meet.  The official installation will be on Friday, October 21st at 11AM.  Come and have your picture taken, or buy a t-shirt (helps pay for upkeep, insurance, etc. - now that we have official sanctions like permits and  blessings).

Stay tuned - we are planning a huge food drive centered around the fork next month!

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